You have come to the right place the new  coming soon with daily online Auctions

Here you will see the latest stand by tours.

You will be able to bid at auction on group packages.

Bid with Backpacking BUCK'S when you sign up coming soon were working on it. Things take time.

Things have changed and we need self confessed astronauts and php programers to join our team.

The new team will have to suit the future of tourism in the Asia Pacific region. 

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Expirence The Freedom

'Experience the Freedom'!. It has never been easier to create your own dynamic Web site and join the local online comunity.


Backpacker BUCK"S Give a way coming soon we decided that there is a need for an online Auction

Bid online and save with Backpacker BUCK'S

This service will be a great way to combine people and groups to bid on packages and tours together.