Ice Freek stole bike

A known thief in the area with criminal record steals bike from 14 Balaka st Cannonvale.

I'm pretty sure we know who it is. And so do the police. He has stolen from here before. Dale Bray a known thief.

face book page 

dalebrayat my houseHe steals from every house he has lived in.. He sole I believe 3 bikes from me. He steals from the house he is evicted from and gives to the next house so he looks like a good tenant but the truth is he is a thief..

He steals from his dad house electrical equipment.. at paluma

He grew up next door to him, They grew up together and probably shared the same cell in jail had lovers quals numerous times..

Full description Numerous drug charges,  Nourmourse Stealing charges, probably just got out of jail loves ICE and any DRUGS The thief I believe has  Black hair black beard about 5.2 foot high

Last seen in Balaka st about 2 weeks ago carrying  a sledgehammer up the street probably stole it from the back of a ute or someones garage. seen by me. If he could afford a car he would have the sledgehammer in it. Thats looks strange a person walking up the street with a sledgehammer don't you think?

he saw my bike and knows where I leave it. I have it's DNA. Stay Tuned. Thanks for your time.

The Un Australians
Official Report


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Thursday, 17 June 2021