Official Report

Referring to our last conversation at the office of macrossan amiet Cannonvale Office on 7 June 2019 at 11.30am
I mentioned getting the terms and conditions written up for this website.
I said the  medical records only show the records from the Cannonvale medical Service.
Not from the 121 medical center from the time I arrived in Airlie Beach.
I said I was strangled by security at the mangrove jacks hotel till I was unconscious Allison the duty manager at the time witnessed it and called the ambulance, that's why the police turned up.  I went to the doctor the next day. The 121 medical centre said I might have a broken cheek bone. So he sent me to have xrays of my skull taken which I still have. 
But the medical records dont date back that far but I have the x rays.
I said Bentlly has resigned he witnessed the attack that was caught on video
I said I've got post traumatic stress.
I said I was tourchered by police in the Cannonvale police station under video surveillance by Ben Dury.
Ben Drury said he could have done the hand cuffs up one more notch.... So he at least said he ranked the handcuffs up not the other officer.
The other officer couldn't control Ben Durys actions he didn't know what Ben Dury was going to do, Did he? HELL was made.
In honor we serve
I said I had formal meeting with the Sergeant at the time which is now Inspector Steven O'Connell he knows about it he's seen the video in the cell. I met with him in the police station the next day to make the complaint.
He saw me kneeling on the floor handcuffed behind my back screaming HELP HELP....
He is not responsible for the other police.
He couldn't control other people's actions after the incident has happened.
That has been the only time I have ever spoken to him in my entire life.
You said that was years ago they would have destroyed the video by now. 
I said for sure that's corruption thats why Coles has destroyed the video of me slipping over on a puddle of water leaking from there fridge, wearing thongs that I bought from that coles store.
A week later they had a clearance thongs sale and now dont sell Coles thongs at all now.
Ice Freek stole bike
Falcon has landed.